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Photography Services

Established Entertainment can also provide photography/videography for your wedding/event. Our partner: JFD Media, provide photography/videography to an exceptionally high standard and approach each job with the same professionalism as we do music.

A word from JFD Media:

Wedding & Event Photography:


For us, wedding photography is about storytelling first and foremost. The story of the ceremony, the small touches, the unexpected laughs and tears, everything that makes the day special and unforgettable. Being able to work with a couple to capture and preserve those small moments is something we are always honoured to be part of. 

All photographers have their own style and way of doing things. For us, capturing the small moments, a look or a laugh between friends, is just as important as the big group photos. We are happy to help direct a big group shot, but we thrive in moments where we are invisible and the moment comes first.

Videography from JFD Media

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