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Entertainment needs our help!

Well we're approaching another weekend where we would have been performing around the country 😔

We’re waiting in the wings ready to go as soon as possible!

Let’s not forget, as we get back to some normality, performers are still not working!!! My industry is on it's death bed. All that I, and many others like me have worked for has gone, lost, does not exist anymore. People say 'oh well get a proper job' and this makes me so ANGRY. Entertainment IS a proper job, most of us work at it longer and harder than a lot of people with 'proper jobs' often at the expense of having a life and sometimes our family too because we love what we do and without some form of 'entertainment' everyone's life would be poorer and more dull.

You don't know the value of something until it is not there. At the start of WW2 all theatres and places of entertainment were closed due to the fear of a direct bomb hit on a crowded venue would result in death en masse. Sound familiar? Very soon the government realised that entertainment WAS vital to ordinary peoples lives. It kept spirits up, took people's minds off the terrible situation, gave people relief from the daily grind and even enriched and educated lives. E.N.S.A. was formed to provide entertainment for troops, factory workers canteens and other places where light relief was needed.

‘Every Night Something Awful’ might have been the joke but bands of musicians, comedians, singers, dancers, magicians, even chamber orchestras toured the country, and even overseas to the fronts, proving the worth of entertainment every single time. Theatres and music halls opened and during an air raid a light would flash at the side of the stage so people had the choice to leave and take shelter or take a chance and remain watching the show.

But today the only lights flashing are the dying embers of an industry that employs hundreds of thousands, and contributes BILLIONS TO economies worldwide!!...An industry that has ALWAYS come to the aid of people, be it helping them mentally through difficult times or raising money to do the same. Soon there will be no events to go to. The entertainment Industry needs government assistance NOW and for the foreseeable future until such times as its safe for the entertainment industry to return in all its forms.

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