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Mini Release & New addition to The Soul Establishment family

Each week we've been releasing a short clip from our massive 20 song medley! This week it is "one kiss" by Dua Lipa. we LOVE this song. Even though it's electronic we still manage to find a place for a horn section, the possibilities in music are endless. We arrange all styles of music for all ages and events.

When you choose The Soul Establishment you get the opportunity to build your own band. Choose from one two or three of our amazing vocalists, add the rhythm section (guitar,bass,drumkit,keys) then choose to have 1-5 horns. Recently we've added a percussionist. This can be added to any band size and really is a fantastic addition!

On another note, we have exciting news!

Our musical director's wife just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! Such an exciting time and I'm sure he'll have a life filled with music!

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