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The positive side to quarantine

The last few weeks have been difficult. With one sentence from Boris Johnston we've seen months of work disappear. Fortunately we've managed to reschedule many events and weddings but there's still no telling the impact this will have on us imminently and for future bookings.

It's so difficult being a professional musician and not being able to perform. Performing is our passion, we love seeing a full dance floor and providing entertainment for special occasions. Staying isolated just doesn't cut it but we're making the most of a bad situation and preparing to come back with a bang when all this is over.

We're putting together some new promo videos from isolation to satisfy the performing urge (it's still not the same).

We're sorting out our repertoire so when we come back we'll be bigger and better than ever.

We're all practicing hard, focusing on our technique and musicianship. Thinking about the things that might get missed when we're working during a busy season.

We're all teaching and doing our bit. Helping the children and you people who find themselves away from mainstream education at this difficult time.

We're still arranging and writing music for brides and grooms, making sure they get the music they want at their weddings.

We're taking the time to reflect and spend time with family. Grateful for our health, fresh air, a roof, the internet :)

We hope you're all making the most of your time in isolation, be productive, reach out to loved ones and keep talking.

Much love, Soul Establishment MD

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