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An update on COVID-19

Morning everyone,

I hope everyone is taking the necessary precautions during this time of uncertainty. Here at Soul Establishment HQ we understand the stress and worry the recent corona virus has caused and sympathise with those effected.

I'd like to reassure all our clients and potential clients that at this point it's business as usual. We are still taking bookings and people are still enquiring about having the best live music at their weddings and events! We will be attending all events and honoring all contracts - with lots of hand washing!

At the time of writing, any cancellation of bookings will be processed as normal according to our Cancellation Policy unless an event is cancelled due to a future Government ban on public gatherings, which falls under Force Majeure.

Every Force Majeure cancellation is handled on a case-by-case basis, and we will work with customers and musicians to reach a conclusion that works for both parties.

If anyone has any concerns please email

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