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Scotland's most professional and hard working band!

We've had such an amazing year so far! Busier than ever and after the first weekend off since March we can finally reflect on what a success it has been.

The Soul Establishment have performed across the length and breadth of the country at a range of weddings and events in numerous band sizes, from 5 piece to 14 piece bands!! We write the music for the band to perform meaning that a couples first dance is truly unique! Because of the professionalism in the band we can make our clients dreams come true and when they have big ideas for entertainment, we make it happen! From new orleans marching bands, the jewish horah and roaming groups moving around tables as guests enjoy their meal! We can do it all!

Next year will be bigger and better than ever, we will be adding strings, more vocalists, bigger bands, bigger songs, a whole new image and we really REALLY can't wait!!

Scotland's best and biggest band is about to get a whole lot bigger!!!

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